We are a group of investigators that collect data from our investigations for future references of anomalies, such as noises, apparitions, moving objects, and shadows. We look at what seems like paranormal activity, and try to find any type of different explanation such as natural explanations to determine if activity is truly paranormal in nature before declaring it paranormal. We will soon be offering merchandise, such as hats, mugs, cups, t-shirts, and a variety of other products.

Our investigators train on the equipment used to search for activity. We use cameras, voice recorders, and meter readings to try to catch any type of phenomenon that is recordable. The evidence information can help open the minds of those who are skeptical of paranormal activity. Our goal is to aid the paranormal studies by collecting data on ghostly phenomena, shadow figures, clawing sounds, and chills that occur for no reason.

Meet the RPI – TEAM!

Duwane Senior-Investigator Rev. V. Duwane Ledbetter, Jr. PhD, CPI

Investigator Lead-Investigator Cheryl Stapf

Carol Investigator-Trainee Carol A. LeMay

Investigator Investigator-Trainee Ashley Stapf

Jane Investigator-Trainee L. Jane Barrett

Investigator Investigator-Trainee Theresa Summerhill

Investigator Investigator-Trainee Stephanie Tackett

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